Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mom's Day Blues

 I haven't had a mom in a very long time and The Mister just lost his so I was little uninspired this year to make any Mother's Day cards.

 I had bought all these cute little Mom and Me type stamp sets last month so I guilted myself into at least coming up with one.

 It was a struggle and it's pretty cut and dry but I did come up with something.

I had better luck with the new sewing stamp set.  The possibilities here are endless.


  1. The mom's day card is darling but I really, really, really like the sewing card. So cute! (Sew cute!)
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Sooo pretty! Your cards are always a hit!

  3. Both are adorable-you could make cards for ladies at the center where your dad is so they will get cards. There are always those mom's out there who don't have children so you can match up with them!

    1. Now why didn't I think of that!!!

  4. They are both wonderful! Surely they will make someone smile from ear to ear.

  5. You did a good job with BOTH card. I think Mother's Day is hard for a lot of people --- either strained relationships or like your husband, missing their mom. I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs sweet lady and to your DH too.

  6. The sewing card really is SO cute.

  7. Both are cute - love those little elephants!