Thursday, May 4, 2017

It Takes Two

 I've got one Undine done. It's mate is on the needles-just barely. It's going with me for a four day dog sitting trip to the Grand's house starting today. They are at the beach for a long weekend.

 The reknit is done on the stripey sock so they are finally a done deal. I've got them on my feet right now. It's gotten chilly again.

I really enjoyed working on these because the stripes were so pretty. They are another dye pot masterpiece from Wandering Cat. I am in awe, Valerie!


  1. Great yarn, great patterns --- Valerie does it all!!!

    Striped socks are addictive. You keep knitting just because you want to see another stripe appear. LOL

    Have fun with the kitties AND the knitting!

  2. Love those socks. You sure got them done quickly after the re-knit. Your new pair is a gorgeous pattern too. You guys are getting chilly about the time we're finally starting to warm up a little bit. Crazy weather.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Always love you yarn choices.

  4. Wonderful job on the reknit! And the yarn is really so pretty!

  5. A long weekend at the beach sounds heavenly but then so does a long weekend of sock knitting. ;-)

  6. Dog sitter Grammy. You are a good soul. IT is so hard to leave the pets. They are incredibly lucky you will do this. I love your Val socks

  7. Both looks great! I'm pretty sure that was one of Mom's creations. I know she named it - but I can't quite remember who dyed it.

  8. Great job on the socks! It is indeed a great stripey sock yarn! Have fun on your dog-sitting! When is the MSW festival?!

  9. Nice socks! What stitch did you use on the heel of the striped ones?

    1. My usual slip one, knit one. Purl back.