Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Wednesday WIPs


I wasn't just fighting The Battle of the Pool Noodles last week, I was also fighting The Battle of the Riddari Chart. See that yoke? It's not the same one I showed off last week. I had to rip it way back because the chart shows beige when it means white and light green when it means beige and I got them mixed up. There was no way I could tink all that back so it ended up being a terrifying frog job. All's well that's ends well I guess but I am still smarting from the wounds. 

See that sleeve? You might wonder why I had more of it done last week. It's not the same sleeve. I had to rip it all back too. I got to the cuff and I was way off with the stitch count. It was too wide and floppy so off to the frog pond it went too. I can never count decreases right. This pattern says decrease every 1 1/4 inches eleven times and I guess my understanding of it was off. Way off. 

The only drama with the handspun socks is that I want them done because.....

...Soxieknitter gifted me this pattern and I'm itching to start it. It's Cosy Quilt Socks by Natalie Sheldon. I've got the yarn. Now all I need is to get those other socks off the needles. 

And.....I'm still on row 7 of Audun. It's going slowly because it's been HOT here this week and I'm not loving having a lap full of blanket. The few squares I did join this week I did standing up with the blanket laying on my kitchen island which actually wasn't too terrible. 


  1. It's been hot here this week, too, so I get not having knits on your lap. I hope that with all the terrifying ripping you had to do you are rewarded with some straightforward knitting this week. Those Cosy Quilt socks are really nice!

  2. Riddari is amazing. Hopefully it will be smooth knitting from here on out to the finish.

  3. I understand the sleeve decrease thing. I've finally admitted tomself that I need to keep track on a piece of paper and check the decreases off as I got. It's worked so far.
    That new pattern is stunning. I know you'll do it justice. It's been hot and humid here all week. too with tornado warning the last two nights. I think it's past though with a bit cooler in the 70's for today.

  4. That new sock pattern is so cute but I'm hoping that the blue yarn is a variegated blue yarn and not twelve different colors of blue yarn.

  5. I am amazed at the work you've done and re-done!!! My knitting is in time out because I don't know what I did wrong and I can't bear ripping it back yet!!! The new sock kit is amazing!!!!

  6. These projects make me wish I did color work, but I know it's too hard for me. Spectacular crafting.