Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Wednesday WIPs


Whoo hoo...I'm finally back where I started after the big frogging adventure. I even did a decrease round last night. That's a relief. I'm ready for Riddari to be a done deal.

I've been arguing with one of the gray blobs over 3 inches of cuff ribbing. I knit and knit and it never quite gets there. I should be getting close. 

Ditto for the other gray blob. An elusive 16 inches is mocking me every day.

The same battle was fought and won with the handspun socks. Trying to figure out if the second one was the same size as the first one up to the heel was a nightmare. I measured, I counted and it never seemed quite right. Knitting can be so cruel.

On the other hand Audun has been playing fair and square.  Row 7 is now attached and row 8 is ready to go. As cold as it has been here this week, it's been a pleasure to pick up. It looks like spring out there but it sure doesn't feel like it anymore. 


  1. Pretty hands-on socks - love the colors. Hope Riddari will finish up soon - it is gorgeous!

  2. I was thinking that you must be getting close to decreases on Riddari and surely the gray blobs must be nearing completion, but I see that you've entered that knitting time warp where you can never quite knit the required number of inches. But Audun looks great and hopefully crochet doesn't fall into that time warp.

  3. Honestly, I thought The Big Gray Blob would be an excellent book title, but The Big Frogging Adventure might be better.

  4. Stay warm! You have gotten a lot done even if it doesn't feel like it!

  5. I'm convinced three inches of ribbing is really 12 inches in disguise

  6. Riddari is looking so beautiful, although I know how it feels with the gray blobs. Every sweater I make it seems like I'll never finish the sleeves. And Piper's arm's are getting so long, (so are her legs but they don't implact sweaters.) :-)
    Auden is so pretty. I love that blanket and I both want to celebrate with you when you finish it, and don't want you to finish because I want to keep seeing it.

  7. The Audun looks fantastic! The socks are so pretty but that EXACT place to start the heel can be a misery! The sweaters are making progress--we can see it even if you can't!