Friday, April 19, 2024

Many Happy Returns


We left Pup at home yesterday and went down to the boardwalk for our first visit to our brand spanking new library. We missed the ribbon cutting because of a birthday lunch with The Mister's family but it was just as well. They had over 400 people there which is not our thing. 

It's big and beautiful. It did not disappoint. 

There are lots of nooks and crannies for relaxing with a book. The deck has lots of chairs and overlooks the water. 

The main floor view is nothing compared to the one off the children's level. The entire top floor is a wonderland of things for kids and teens to do. 

There's a projection alcove for group meetings that need AV support and even a podcast booth. There are rows and rows of computers for the kids to use. 

On the adult floor there is even a Making Room. They have a fancy sewing machine, a serger and this embroidery machine. There's also a 3D printer and tons of laser things I don't understand. The person in charge of the room tried to explain but I still didn't get it. 

I walked around the whole time with my mouth open. It's a technological marvel from the conveyor belt return to the checkout pad that checks all your books out at one time. I'm sure I only saw a fraction of what it has to offer. It was hard to leave. Next time I'm bringing my knitting and claiming a lounge chair. 


  1. A lounge chair over looking the bay?! It's like a cruise ship. I want a library like that. Even sewing machines? Now that is a neat place to hang out. I must admit, I rarely go to the physical library. I usually just check them out electronically and read them on my phone or iPad. I got used to doing that during the big C and haven't gone back. You are a lucky gal having such a neat place to go.

  2. How great is the new library? Pretty darn great! How lovely and amazing! Enjoy! Virginia

  3. What a wonderful library! It's beautiful and also as you said, full of technological marvels. I'm a bit envious but I hope you check out lots of books and enjoy a lounge chair with your knitting on a nice day!

  4. Holey Moley!!! That place is awesome. I would be right out there with you on that deck.

  5. Wow, that looks amazing. I am so impressed they have so much good stuff just sitting out there for anyone to use! Yay libraries!

  6. Oooooh, my son works at our library --- I'm going to suggest a making room!

  7. Fascinating!!!! Who knew the library could be so top-notch with technology!!! You will have fun exploring in the months to come!

  8. Wow! That's a seriously fancy library! If they had a snack machine, I'd never leave.