Monday, April 1, 2024

Good Times


Ten bunnies. Baby Grand and I counted ten decorative bunnies Daughter had scattered around her house for Easter yesterday. 

We had a light meal and then an egg hunt in Daughter's newly fenced backyard.

The Big Grands had money and chocolate in their eggs. Baby Grand had a sparkly stuffed Micky Mouse in his big golden egg. 

Pup wanted to know why she had to get a bath that morning if she was just going to go outside and get dirty again looking for things she couldn't play with.

Back inside we had SIL's flourless chocolate cake for dessert. If you've never had this you don't know what you're missing. It's so good. 

And.....DIL brought us each a box of her amazing cookies. 

The way they were wrapped was so pretty I hated to open them but I just had to show you....adorable, right? 


  1. Very, very adorable…talent and creativity runs deep in your family…lots of cuties too.
    Happy April! Virginia

  2. So many sweets! It all looks lovely. Flourless chocolate cake is SO good, and your DIL's cookies are always works of art!

  3. The Grands, Pup, and those cookies all look very sweet and that cake looks quite delicious!

  4. What a lovely family gathering! The cookies are stunning!

  5. It looks as though you had a wonderful time with your family and grands. Those cookies. I'm always amazed when you show them to us.

  6. Looks like the creative gene is strong in Dear Daughter. I'm glad you had such a great Easter.

  7. Oh wow! Those cookies are amazing! That cake looks pretty good too! Happy belated Easter.

  8. Those cookies are gorgeous.