Monday, April 22, 2024

Calling All Quilters


I haven't been in a brick and mortar fabric store in ages so I need to know what's up with quilting fabric. I've been using old stash for ages and my last two online orders from two different big quilting sites have been a HUGE disappointment, The fabric is too thin and slick. It feels more like clothing fabric than a nice sturdy quilting cotton. Is it me or is this just the way fabric is these days? I hate it. 

I also want to know what thread type you use for machine quilting. I wanted to use a gray on Charming Stars and I only had gray in 70/3 polyester. I've only used this thin stuff for paper piecing. After several tries I managed to get the tension on the Juki right and it seems to be working but it's a much less visible stitch and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Thoughts? 

Thread issues aside, there was still more drama to come. 

I should have figured it. All that fiddling I did with the adhesive batting plus the majorly pieced backing equaled puckering on the back. I had to rip half of it out and then iron the heck out of it to get it lay right. I guess I'll have to iron out each block as I go to get it as flat as possible which is something I've had to do before and it really does slow things down.

It was all too much drama for one day so I decided I'm just going to hand quilt that hexie runner that's been sitting here waiting its turn on the Juki since forever. It was definitely a silver lining because I really enjoy doing this and I'd forgotten how much. 


  1. I don't have any advice about quilting fabric or thread but I do like the idea of hand quilting. It's good to rediscover something you love doing!

  2. I'm no quilter so can't answer any of your questions but I can say that I love your hexie quilt that you're hand quilting. It's so pretty. I buy the fabric for my dresses at Good's. It's cotton and stands the test of time much better than the cotton I would get in sticks and bricks stores. Very reasonably priced and fast shipping.

  3. Unfortunately, I have not been in a real quilt store in several years. I've always had good luck with the major brands/designers - Riley Blake, Kaufman, Moda, etc. I know some designers put out different fabric weights - like voile. I am mostly working from stash and have only ordered Kona solids. As far as thread, after quite a few years using the "preferred" cotton thread like Mettler, etc., I have been using Coats & Clark polyester. Both of my Bernina machines do fine with that. (I'm sure the Bernina technician would cringe to hear that.) Good luck! Let us know how you fare with your next purchases.

  4. Thank you! I've told my daughter fabric isn't the same "nowadays", and she thinks I'm nuts.

  5. No advice from me but everything is so pretty.

  6. I like a quilting thread that is a 40wt for machine quilting with a large needle-100 or 110. Use a thinner thread in the bobbin-a 50 or 60wt is good. The wrinkles in the back drives me crazy also! Sorry for the problems! I find you might have to find a local quilting fabric store or go to JoAnns' --two used to order from Connecting Threads but found their fabric was the way you describe.

  7. Sorry about all the troubles. Can't wait to see the finished hexi table runner.