Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Wednesday WIPs


We've got a new pile of stuff in the kitchen. The molding is here but we need a few more days of recuperation before we start putting it down. The Mister really did himself in with the push to get the floor done and he's been in a world of pain since. 

I'm taking advantage of the down time by putting all the construction tools away and turning the dining area into a sewing corner. I've got the big sunflower quilt to put together and my little sewing room is just too small for it. 

Even though the weather got chilly again I'm still having trouble finding my knitting mojo so I picked up the hexie runner again and finished what I think will be the last row. I think I will surround this center panel with hexie flowers and then call it day. Sounds like a plan. 


  1. Hope the Mister is feeling better soon.

    These constructions projects are HARD on a body.

  2. I know just how the Mister feels. Floors are a killer.
    We still have all the trim to do in our livingroom. I'm trying to convince Dave to wait - we have many more urgent projects, but he's just one of those guys who can't look at something unfinished and not be bothered by it

  3. I'm glad you have room to craft again upstairs. Nothing makes a home feel more like a home than yarn or material slung to and fro! Hope The Mister is soon better and you can get the final constructions chores completed.

  4. there's always another step needed on a project like a kitchen renovation! The sewing is a great distraction. Hope DH feels better soon!

  5. Just the thought of getting up and down on the floor repeatedly makes my knees hurt. I hope the Mister feels better each day. Your sewing projects look great. Love the sunflowers.

  6. Have fun with your crafting, and I hope your guy is feeling better soon.