Saturday, March 19, 2022

Operation Sock Drawer


It's official. The Capitol Weather Gang, out local meteorological gurus, have declared winter over. It may get chilly but it won't get cold from here on out. It was time to put all my good woollies to bed for the summer. I only wore two pairs of wool socks all winter. We never went anywhere and when we did it never got cold. I don't tend to wear socks in the house anymore, hot flashes, you know. 

My mittens didn't get much of a workout either. They are now clean and bagged up until next year.

My sweaters are also tucked away. They live in zippered nylon bins under the bed. Those bins got a good cleaning too. 

I did keep out my favorite baggy mess of a sweater just in case it does get chilly. It's made with the cheapest of cheap acrylic and it even has a big hole I had to patch when some mice decided to make a nest out of it years ago. 

I love the pattern. I made it in 2002 and have always meant to make another to replace it but never have. It's a mess but I can't part with it and it's always the first sweater I grab when I need one. Don't we all have that one holy mess we just can't part with?


  1. It's supposed to be warm here today and tomorrow too. I hope it's really spring here too. The local weather person said we could "stick a fork" in winter.
    I'm still wearing sweaters when going out in the evening. That will change soon. I really like that last sweater. Your favorite one. Love the cables.

  2. Yes I had a sweater that everyone gave me a bad time elbows anymore...I finally threw it away:(

  3. That sweater is very pretty.

    I have a pair of yoga pants that you can read the paper through, but I can't throw them out. Not yet. They still stay up. (OF COURSE, only in my house. LOL)

  4. We had a gorgeous couple of days but then I back to fleece-lined leggings and my heavy hoodie. I can't wait for some more stable weather!

    I have a store-bought (Old Navy) cardigan like that... it's just so cheap and comfy!

  5. I can sure see why you love that sweater! What a great pattern. We can need sweaters even in the summer here though.

  6. I have an old, worn tracing paper thin, flannel skirt that I made in the '90's. It's so pathetic but it is SO comfy and I wear it constantly around the house.

  7. I know just what you mean about that comfy sweater. I have a raggedy old one that I won't let go either! Nice job on getting all your woollies clean and organized.