Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I had an easy fill in block this week. The next green block will have another gosling in it. They are no fun to stitch around 

I stitched three little pots of flowers on the bookmark. 

And....I got one wonky flower on the Village Quaker. I lost count somewhere along the way but it really doesn't matter so it's staying that way. If only everything was that easy to let go of. 


  1. All of the projects look great. Boy, do I know how time consuming those solid projects are. Ask me how I know! Ha!
    Where did you get the bookmarks to cross stitch. I've looked on Amazon along with several other online stores with no luck. The same with local craft stores. I would like to make some for Christmas this year. I have so many things I would "like" to do. We'll see what I actually will get accomplished.

  2. Progress on all fronts. Love that Quaker piece.

  3. The stitching is coming along beautifully! Bring on the wonky flowers! lol

  4. Beautiful pieces! Have fun stitching this week.

  5. That flower isn't wonky, you simply made it your own. :)