Sunday, March 6, 2022

A Real Heel


I am still living in ho hum land but I did get the heels turned on the Lofoten twins. I don't know if it's the state of the world or the state of me but I can't get any interest going on anything right now. I'm either doom scrolling or binge watching anything that can make me laugh. 

I can say that I am ridiculously happy with my new floor. After three years of vacuuming either filthy plastic or crusty plywood it's been like heaven to drag my little Zing all over the place. 

I was late posting the comments yesterday so you might have missed Liana commenting back that her family is safe for the moment, thank goodness. And yes, this is THE Liana famed for her amazing stitching skills. 

In case you are interested, I found this little sticker on Etsy. A portion of the proceeds go to the UN fund for refugees and the link is here.


  1. Your socks are beautiful and I love the color. Anything with purple always gets my vote.
    Thank you for the link, I'll be visiting it.
    Glad you're so happy with the floor.

  2. Love your socks, I was just saying to someone else how I am in awe of sockmakers. I've tried, and was completely usseless at it. But I love all those amazing sock yarns so maybe I should try again!
    I've just restarted my blog at , would be lovely to see you over there :)

  3. I was very glad to read that Liana is safe for now. I can't imagine the fear she is experiencing.

    Thankful, I found her on Instagram.

  4. The world is a grim place right now. I can't believe that Putin has put the entire world at risk. Has Putin forgotten about WWII and how his country suffered? Inexplicable!

  5. What a great pair of socks--they should keep you knitting during this slump. Thanks for the link. good news about Liana!

  6. I’m struggling to concentrate on even the simplest projects even though I’m basically forcing myself to turn off the news. Happy to hear that Liana is safe.

  7. What a fun pair of socks! It's nice to have some projects going to keep our minds off these scary times, isn't it? Thanks for the link!