Friday, March 4, 2022

Cleaning Up


During my cleanup session yesterday I noticed I had enough body butter batter left in one of the jars to whip some up so I did. It was a messy job but I got a small jar's worth.

It took a lot of boiling and wiping but I got those jars clean once again. That was about it for anything interesting happening yesterday. After all those days of concentrated construction I feel a bit at loose ends project wise. 

I did spend the afternoon going through the piles of catalogs I had laying around. Connecting Threads had an interesting page on paper piecing products and they sold me on their polyester thread. Of course the color they recommended was out of stock until late May so I ordered some other colors just to give them a try. I'd like to say it inspired me to pick up my own paper piecing project but it didn't. I just couldn't get interested in anything. 


  1. I think a lot of us feel at loose ends.

    I knit A LOT, but did you ever notice? Nothing really ever gets finished.

  2. Your soaps and products are the best. When urgently evacuating from Kiev, I took your soap bars with me, could not leave them :) Liana

  3. You've probably got project burnout - too much project drama going on. You need a good decompress, then you'll be right back in it!

  4. I'm glad you were able to finish the lotion making with a win.
    I've always wanted to try paper piecing but never have the time. I can imagine feeling at loose ends. If I wasn't working so concentratedly on the baby cross stitch I would probably feel the same.

  5. Hope you get over the loose ends! The jar clean up looks great!

  6. Glad you eked out a little more lotion out for use! I'm just looking through catalogs for the connection!