Friday, March 11, 2022

First World Problems


I hate to be all whingey with the world in such a mess but I've still got that cloud hanging over me. I got a soap supply order yesterday so I woke up excited about making some oatmeal glycerin soap to help ease our winter itchies. 

That didn't happen because look at the glycerin soap block. I have no idea what all the crud is in it but I'm not using it. That block wasn't cheap either so I was not happy. 

The third row of the sunflower quilt went as badly as the second. I had to rip it all off and try it again in order for it to line up right. Then I managed to sew the white on wrong side up. More ripping but it doesn't end there. When I was ready to take my victory lap I noticed that I had sewn the whole third row on upside down 

I did get a fourth row on-eventually relatively pain free. Only one more row to go. Whoopie. 


  1. One of those frustrating weeks...sorry about the glycerin block and those quilting woes would have done me in!

  2. Ugh! Did the glycerin come with the crud in it maybe?

    Hope you can get some new soon. I think we are ALL suffering with the winter itchies.

  3. bummer about the soap tray--I would use a good SOS pad and eradicate it! the quilt is amazing--worth all of the drama!

  4. Time for a time out! Hope things turn around soon for you!

  5. I'm sorry for all the pain - but your sunflowers are looking great!

  6. Oh no! That cloud has decided to take up a home hasn't it? Can you send the glycerin back if it came that way? The sewing had to be so frustrating. I always try to tell myself that I'm sewing because I like it. Mistakes just give me more chances to sew.
    It doesn't work! :-)

  7. Hopefully,you’ll be able to return the glycerin block and get a replacement. The sunflowers ate cheerful.