Thursday, March 3, 2022

Lotions and Potions


After finishing the floor adventure The Mister and I decided to take a few days off before we tackle the molding and the rest of the finishing work. I thought I would make use of my time off by cooking up some lotion bars and a small tub of body butter. It's been so dry that like Pup, I've been an itchy mess.

It all started well enough. I had what I needed to make some mild, unscented potions. 

I always tell beginners to start here. All you have to do is melt some things and pour it into a mold. 

It wasn't so easy yesterday because when I went to remove the hot jars that I use for melting from the old crockpot I dropped one of them back into the water and the concoction went everywhere. 

It was not only a mess in the crockpot and on the table, it was a mess on the jars that I had just cleaned and sterilized. Getting wax off of anything is no fun at all. I've got a lot of melting to do. 

I did salvage enough for four lotion bars-which hopefully is enough to cure my itch. 


  1. That sounds frustrating, but at least you saved some of the bars, so in the end it was a bit of a win ...

  2. Oh no! Well your little bars are so pretty!

  3. Those are cute. Sorry for the mess though. Do you make these unscented just to prevent any reaction to scents?

    1. Yep. It's been unscented soap and everything else this winter. We all have a bad case of the itchies. I'm wondering if all this extra hand washing and anti-viral wipes are the cause. I never usually get the winter itchies like The Mister does.

  4. It is so irritating to make a mess like that. Getting clumsy as we age is a frustration. I'm glad you were able to save enough to make some lotion bars they look very pretty!

  5. Love those finished soaps even if they did test your patience! Your creativity never fails to amaze me.

  6. Oops! I'm so sorry you had that mess to deal with on top of everything else. The four bars turned out really sweet though.

  7. Darn Deb. I'm sorry you on1y got 4 bars. But I hope they he1p you fee1 1ess scratchy.

  8. I have a canning jar lifter that works awesome, perhaps that would work for you also. Unscented is the way to go!