Saturday, March 12, 2022

Little Things


It was quite the week around here. We had big drama and little drama. Yesterday morning we had yet another vet appointment with Pup for her allergies. We got more meds to try. The poor thing is so miserable that it's no wonder I can't concentrate. Add on a Covid scare with the new Grand (negative, thank goodness) and you've got a week I'd rather forget. When I did sit down yesterday I picked up small stuff. Number 7 is together and I'm working on the neck. 

The big Sunflower quilt is in time out until things calm down a bit but I did pick up my hexies and start of one of many flowers that will go on the border of the runner. Of course we've got bad weather expected today-high winds and.......snow?

Oh, well. March is gonna March and I've got plenty of stuff to keep me busy while waiting out the weather. I picked up the Audun blanket again and had a head scratching afternoon trying to figure out what went where. It took a while but I did it. Now I only need about 100 more. 


  1. sorry to hear Pup is poorly, hope you find something that works soon. That jumper is soooo cute! You are very clever to work in the pattern in something so fiddly

  2. I hope Pup feels better with the new meds. I think you are getting the weather we've had this week. We had 35 mph winds from the north day before yesterday. It was COLD! I've stayed in as much as possible. It's 2F right now but we're headed into a week of warm up...possibly 70F by midweek. So nice!
    I'm sorry to hear of the worry over the new grandbaby. I'm so ready to never, ever hear the word covid again. Unfortunately I don't thing that will happen. I'm so thankful that it was a false alarm and that he's fine.
    Take care my dear Debbie. Enjoy all of those beautiful projects you have going on.
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Poor pup. Hope the new meds work their magic.

  4. It's rough for Pup when her allergies rare up like this! Hoping for new meds to kick in soon. The hexie flowers are pretty. The crochet will be fun once you get the swing of things again!

  5. Hope the new meds help Miss Pup. And I hope this week is a little better for you!

  6. Hope Pup is feeling lots better by now! We had a bit of a COVID scare here, too, as our son who is fully vaccinated came down with a mild case. Fortunately we hadn't seen him previously.

  7. Glad the covid test was negative! Hayden had a covid scare a month or so ago but thankfully her test was negative too. Hope the new meds can help Pup. Happy stitching!