Thursday, February 9, 2017

Winter Respite

 It's hard to believe it is February.

 It was 70 degrees today.

 That's a little warm for my liking but the plants seem to approve.  My Black-Eyed Susans never did die back all the way this year.

 The crocuses are pushing up already.

 One brave little bloom was holding its head up high in the sunshine.

 The hydrangea is sending out shoots.

 That lone bloom on the camellia that braved the last snow will soon be history.

 There are many more to follow. All the bushes are covered in buds.

 Don't let all this fool you. It's still winter. Tomorrow they are calling for snow. You can get whiplash around here trying to keep up with the weather.

 The Mister covered up the woodpile in anticipation of some wet stuff. We haven't had a fire all year.

 Hoover's not complaining. He likes to spend warm nights prowling.

 Pup also enjoyed her day in the sun. She got quite tuckered out from being outside most of the day.

Old Doggie wore me out. I carried her around all day in the pooch pouch and she seems to get heavier all the time.

I am not complaining. It's not often in February that you can spend the afternoon stretched out on the grass.


  1. And today?????

    Did you get the snow that you were supposed to get?

  2. Omg! Old Doggie is just to cute!! And so is pup. Good thing you got out on the grass because its looking like you're in for a winter blast soon. Stay warm.

  3. We need a day like that! its 20s out but no snow. I LOVE YOUR knit socks in the last photo!

  4. It's crazy! On this side of the country it's non-stop winter. Hubby drove to work this morning in an ice-storm...on top of the additional 8 inches of snow we got yesterday. We now have almost 4 1/2 feet of snow in our yard with a 1/4 inch crust of ice on top of everything. Meanwhile, Mandy tells me yesterday that they were sweating after they're walk! Craziness! She did say snow was predicted for today. I'm SO done with winter.
    I did enjoy your kitty, puppy pictures today. They are all darling. (I want another cat but have been voted down.). Have a lovely day!

  5. Two days ago, it was 10 degrees C. Today is -10 degrees C. You nailed it -weather whiplash!

  6. Great socks!
    It was 8 degrees when I went to work today. Can't even imagine 70!

  7. I like the phrase 'whiplash' in regards to the weather! lol Beautiful to be outside, isn't it!?

  8. The snow will be beautiful and you can stay in all nice and cozy and enjoy it. It is in the low 70's here, I would like it to be a bit cooler as hot and humid weather will soon be here.