Saturday, February 4, 2017

Oh, Snap!

 That's the saddest sight ever. A wheel without a drive band. I was spinning along happily on the Ashford Traveler the other night when something went terribly wrong. It didn't take long to realize that the old waxed string had broken.

 Spinning Bunny to the rescue!

 I'd already replaced my Ashford Traditional Wheel's band a while ago with this great poly belt.

 It's easy to install. It just pops together after you measure it and then subtract 2 inches for a nice snug fit.

I was back in business in no time. Thanks Spinning Bunny! They even donate a dollar from all their Etsy sales to the ACLU. Sweet.


  1. So glad you were able to fix your wheel quickly. I had an Ashford Traveller wheel but rarely used it so I sold it. I do miss spinning though.

  2. I am trying to get caught up with my reading, love the story of Rosie. She is a lucky girl. Love your warp and so sorry about the knitting blunder. I wish we could have a bit of snow just like yours to cover the world in a little white beauty.

  3. That is all Greek to me, but you seem to have been in the know! Glad the bunny rescue worked

  4. I have that poly belt on my Ashford Traditional too. I find I have to remove it in between spins to keep it from stretcing out. My other two wheels have hemp bands at the moment and I slip those off too in between spins. You are right....the poly is a lot quicker to replace than the hemp.

  5. Nice repair for the drive band-I have seen the new ones but haven't used one on the Traveller, though. My poly band on my Joy stretched out too quickly so I stick to the cotton band but you are tempting me here because of the ease of changing it!

  6. Wow! Glad you managed a quick fix.