Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Over the Edge

The big blankie had all its ends woven in a long while back. It was a fairly simple job and dare I say, almost enjoyable. Thanks for all the suggestions. Not being a real hooker, I didn't quite understand what y'all were getting at so I wimped out and just did it the old fashioned way.

Ta dah! It's done. Border and all.

It's the biggest thing I've ever made. I am amazed at myself.

 Of course there was drama at the finish. I had to rip out the border many, many times. I could not get mine to look like Lucy's using her instructions. I am sure it was all my fault and not hers. I'm a pretty bad hooker and the tension on the border had to be just so to get her results.  Finally I just made it up to look like what I thought was going on with hers and called it a day.

The crochet bin is full of scraps now. I am tempted to start something else but......

 ....another big thing needs attention. It's going in the bin by the bed and it will be my new non-negotiable project.

All that remains to be done is the last two and a half edges and then a border. Unless I get on a roll. The original has a few more panels than mine does and since I've still got tons of this yarn left I just might be able to convince myself to keep going until it's bed size. We shall see.


  1. Wow! Both blankets are amazing. I think your border turned out beautifully. Have fun with the second. Those scraps would be perfect for baby hats! I use all of my worsted and dk weight scraps for them. :-)

  2. Beautiful finish! Waiting for you mosaic progress.

  3. Nice work! That turned out great...very pretty!

  4. Beautiful blanket! So cheerful and bright. Your mosaic piece is amazing.

  5. You did it! It turned out beautifully and you hit the border spot on, what are you saying?!
    Now the mosaic blanket is going to be a masterpiece next off your needles! Wow!

  6. The blanket is amazing, put those little bits of yarn to use in a small granny square pillow for your bed.

  7. It is really gorgeous! I love the patterns and have always thought to crochet a bed-sized blanket for myself but wimp out! Great work!

  8. Im so impressed. !!!! Truly the border finish is great. You can just look at that beauty and be happy each time you see it , put it over you or wrap it around a sleeping family member. As for me, I dont think I could work on another big project right away. I might have to knit a dishcloth after that! hahha

  9. Whoa. Okay I'll stop whining about my baby blanket with the skinny yarn. LOL. That is an exceptional feat my friend and I think you should revel and bask in the good the work. It looks great! Though I think you can't call yourself a bad hooker AND you might be a little insane for slightly contemplating another something with those scraps, ha!