Sunday, February 5, 2017

No Fuss Giveaway

 I've got 21 bars of this chocolate soap to rehome. They are the bars made from that strong scented and very dark natural cocoa butter and organic shea butter.

They look a bit rustic. I didn't try to get fancy with them so they come in all shapes and sizes. I didn't bother to clean them up either so they are also a bit rough around the edges.

They have a creamy lather rather than a bubbly one. They do tend to shed color a bit so I wouldn't put them on anything nice between uses. All the new micas I sampled recently seem to shed color. That's not good. I won't be using them again. Having said all those bad things I will say I love this cocolate soap. It's very rich and makes my skin feel amazing-plus the scent is so yummy.

If you would like one, you know the deal. Go to Ravelry and give me your mailing details. I'm going to just drop a bar into a padded mailer. It's competition season and I'll be traveling later this week to Ohio for our first big skating adventure of the year followed by lots of weekends filled with obligations so I don't have time for anything fancy at the moment but I do need to move these off the shelves.

 If chocolate is not your thing, I'll have this Love scented soap that will be ready to go in two weeks. It has a spicy fragrance. It's also a bit spotty and made pink lather when I tested it. Those new mica colors I used are  such a big disappointment in so many ways. Let me know if you would prefer it or.....

 ...maybe this very mild scented Shampure bar is more to your liking? All the bars have colloidal oatmeal in them for a slightly scrubby feel. Winter skin needs some gentle exfoliating, right?

 The Lavender Sage scent is strong. You have to be a real lavender lover to like this one, I think. It would be great for washing out knit socks though. Instant moth protection.

Finally, I've got Dragon Moon which has a very exotic floral scent. All the bars have been tested and since my skin is still on there are no worries there-just cosmetic issues with the colorants. It's non staining so it's just a temporary nuisance that rinses right off.
As I mentioned before, the chocolate soap is ready now. The last four bars will be mailed out in about two weeks when their cure time is up. Help me empty my shelves and adopt a bar please. Groundhog's shadow be darned, spring soap needs to be made!


  1. Oooooooooooooooo...all the pretty soaps! They looks awesome from here.

    Hugs --- DK

  2. Count me in for the chocolate please....I promise I will give it a very loving home. Heading over to Ravelry now with my mailing info. Best of luck in Ohio!

  3. All so beautiful! I'd love to try out a Dragon moon if you have one to spare. But I still have quite a few soaps left, so fill others orders first! Everyone deserves to have some of your fab soap

  4. How generous, once again!

  5. Oh, these look wonderful! I'm sure there is no such thing as 'too lavenderish"! lol

  6. They all look yummy enough to eat! Safe travels and have fun in Ohio!!

  7. How come I'm always gone when you have extra soap? Have fun in Ohio, and hope you have good weather, too. Good luck with the competitions!

    1. I've got tons left. PM me on Ravelry to remind me and I will send you some when I get home next week.