Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Sunday

 Somebody really liked the Puppy Bowl yesterday. Not Pup. The Mister. He was really into it all afternoon. Pup could have cared less. She just wanted a lap to sit in and wasn't happy with all the commotion in the kitchen.

 We watched while we chopped and sauteed all the veggies for our Super Bowl Edition Burritos.

 We spent Saturday running around gathering up the ingredients.

 We forgot the beer. The Mister had to make a beer run the morning of.

 I used the internet to knock off all of Chipotle's recipes. Black Beans.

 Cilantro Lime Rice.

 Throw it all on a giant flour tortilla with some guac and salsa and you get a mouthful of heaven.

The Mister also had steamed shrimp. They were hard to come by around here yesterday. Everyone seems to have the same idea on the National Day of Snacking.

Store bought cupcakes finished the night off. I am still stuffed. As for that game....I gave up after Gaga. I'm no football fan but I was rooting for Atlanta.  It seems like I'm always on the wrong side of history these days.


  1. You aren't the only one (who seems to be on the wrong side of history - sigh). I didn't even make it to Gaga and I probably still put on 10 pounds. That food does look great!

  2. I wanted to give up after Gaga but my SIL's were over and determined to watch til the last minute. I wanted Atlanta to win, but really did not care at all.

  3. Pup is SO adorable!

    Wow does your food look amazing, it's making me hungry.

    I thought Gaga did a great job. And like you, I was hoping the Falcons would win. Such is life.

  4. I didn't watch and didn't care who won. But your food looks incredible and now my mouth is watering for one of your burritos!!

  5. Not really a football fan so I binge watched "Bleak House" on Amazon. I kept up with the score online and was a little sad when the Falcons lost because my son went to school with one of the players on that team. But I thoroughly enjoyed knitting my way through some Charles Dickens!

  6. I'm with the Mister....that puppy bowl is so cute and so is Pup. I didn't watch any of the game but managed to consume all the food while watching Gaga. She was amazing! Best halftime ever!!

  7. Yeah ........first Trump wins. And, now we have to put up with that braggadocio Bellichick for another year. :-(

    I could almost smell those peppers and onions from here. Isn't that the greatest fragrance on earth???? :-)

  8. We didn't watch. I think we're the only people in the world that aren't football people. So Hubby and I spent the afternoon watching season three of the Gilmore girls! Those cupcakes look amazing. Anything chocolate has my vote!
    Blessings, Betsy

  9. Oh my gosh. YOur spread looked amaZing. I WANT a cupcake NOW! I knitted the whole game

  10. I didn't watch, DH caught some and I can't bear it even while knitting and reading so went to bed early. Now as for your snacks-superb tortilla wraps-absolutely wonderful!

  11. What an amazing spread!
    I don't watch football and Keith only watched the 1st half.

  12. I love it! You are like us we call it Super Snack Bowl Sunday. We pick treats and watch the commercials. I knit or snooze and the Kid works on his project (it's a screen play right now) or plays games on his device. Such a great excuse to eat and lounge together.