Monday, February 20, 2017

Two Down

 This weekend we went to our second skating competition of the season. Thank goodness it was local. I'm still worn out from last weekend's traveling.

 It was a good chance for some of our individual skaters to vindicate themselves. The Ohio competition was tough. We weren't exactly on home ice but it was close enough.

It was an pretty horrendous day for me on Sunday when I had to put up all three team's worth of scenery plus manage all of the bits and pieces that go with the numbers. It was not fun.

That explains why I don't have lots of wonderful photos of everything that was going on. I never had time. I was furiously assembling pvc frames and using up rolls and rolls of duck tape behind the scenes which is not in the least bit glamorous.

Though we had three production events, I only skate on two teams so I only came away with a first place for my turn as the Old Hag in Snow White and a fourth place for being a jellyfish in our hot mess that is Yellow Submarine. Everyone loved the concept and the overall appearance but our skaters who are mostly our new kids left a lot to be desired. The adult team that did the Hair number I had hastily put together for them in December also came in first so it wasn't a total bust of a day. Now I have an entire month before I have to think of any of this and I am going to enjoy every minute.


  1. It sounds like a LOT of work but fun too. I've been to Bowie with Mandy. :-). Congrats on the awards.

  2. I have no idea how you do all this: the scenery, the costumes, the people management, the skating. You pull off miracles!

  3. I say well-done. Now you can relax a bit? Is that pink costume an octopus? I love it!!

  4. Congratulations on the awards-you sure put your all into your skating! Nice work. Enjoy the break!

  5. Congratulations! Glad this competition was better than the last.

    My question is ...........HOW do you keep your skates looking so NICE??? Mine always had scuffs no matter how much I polished and shined them.

    1. These are my new ones. You should see my old ones!

  6. Well it sounds like you did pretty good even though it was hectic. I don't know how you do all you do! You certainly have more energy than I do!

  7. Beautiful medals. I know the travel is wearing. Glad you have some time for your own favorite crafts now.

  8. I wish I was close enough to come photograph these for you!

    And congrats to all the winners - especially the 4th placers - you gotta start somewhere!

  9. It sounds like a rat race getting everything put together. Glad you got your medals, congrats.

  10. I'm still exhausted from you last weekend of skating too, ha! That drive! the power outage! Sheesh. Anyhow, I am glad you guys did better this round. I love the photos, they give me a sense of what goes on at these things beyond what's on the actual ice. xoxo