Friday, February 24, 2017

Clear and Sunny

 The nice weather everyone has been having finally made it over here. It was almost 80 today. I jumped out of bed at 7 and started washing and dyeing more Merino. We call him Dan now, as in the Dolphin quarterback. The Mister is a fan.

 I had places to go yesterday so I wanted it to dry while I was out and about.

It's always nice to have several bags of fleece to prepare. The trick is keeping the cats out of them. It cost me $300 once when one of them got a lung full after having a rampage with a bag full a few years ago.

 I was too lazy to set up the drum carder last night so I grabbed the hand cards and started watching some Youtube carding tutorials. I am terrible at this. I need all the help I can get.


I swear I looked at your tutorial Linda. I think I am hopeless but I'll keep trying.

They may not be pretty but I think they will work. I will have a free wheel tomorrow so we shall see.


  1. I think your fiber is looking great! I don't think the rolags have to be perfect to be able to spin from them. Mine were never perfect! We're still having very cold weather and snow. I'm so jealous of your warm weather. Spring could come anytime.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Those should work just fine. I might be using a litte bigger knitting needle to roll the fiber on. Mine is a 17. That might make a difference for you. Glad you are getting this beautiful fiber cleaning weather finaly. I'm heading out to the porch again this morning. It's suppose to be 78 here today. I have to keep reminding myself it's only Feb.!

  3. Such colorful, soft puffiness. Love it.

  4. Happy FUN weather to you!! your fiber is gorgeous. BUt my cats would totally get into it.

  5. You amaze me at all you can do. Enjoy the warmth while you have it.

  6. I use the drum carder for the same reason-it looks all lumpy and such small bits; I am ready to dig right in and go. I do cotton like this in punis though!