Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pre-Season Fleece

 The weather people promised us nice weather this week and since I was itching to get into the fleece shed I went ahead and started digging the bags out. This is Nora. She's a Shetland and I don't think I've played with her yet.

 This is Finley. I spun him for last year's TdF.

 This is Winston. I made a nice vest out of him. I'm thinking he needs a little color this time around.

 This is an unnamed Merino. I like it better when they include the sheep's names on the info sheets.

 Nora got bagged up for washing.

 Finley got picked over. I think I may have seen the best of him.

 No Name Merino got washed in jars.

 Then got doused with colors.

Not bad for a morning's work. Now I just need some sun. It never did get warm here. It was damp and chilly. I guess I got all excited for nothing.


  1. I am SO interested to see how this works out. You really do take the project from sheep to sock!!! LOL

    Is there any craft you don't do??? You are AMAZING!

  2. When I was a spinner I always wanted to get a fleece and take it from start to finish but I never did. I just bought the roving or bats already prepared. It must be so satisfying to do it all yourself. Pretty colors.

  3. Such pretty colors. Damp and foggy here this a.m. though it is supposed to burn off by 10. 70's today and tomorrow!! Maybe you will get a peek of sun??

  4. IM SO SORRYyou didnt get some wonderful weather. I got a day here yesterday. I really needed it to remind me how much I love it here in mild weather. Good for you and the roving time!

  5. If I could I would send our weather your way. It's been in the seventies for days here. We actually had to mow the lawn. Love all your colored fluff.

  6. Working with wool makes it a good day, no matter what! Hoping you will have warm sunshine tomorrow!

  7. It's so warm here- it feels like May, not February

  8. I agree with Dee - you are pretty amazing! The colors do really look lovely and it's (as usual) going to be fun to follow along with your work!

  9. I like it when they include the name of the sheep too. hehe. I love the mad scientist production of it all. I'm so amazed at how many intricate projects you manage so successfully!