Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Walking It Off

 After a day of non stop eating on Sunday, The Mister and I decided to get moving yesterday.

 There is a boardwalk near our house that takes us through the wetlands.

 Even this time of year when everything is dead, the water plants put on a show.

 As do the wildlife. You can't really see them but there are some noisy ducks under the docks.

 I didn't have my real camera as I had to haul Old Doggie in the pooch pouch so this is the best the camera on my phone could do. If you look close there is a giant heron on the end of the pier.

 More noisy ducks. Something was going on because they were all honking up a storm.

Finally. Back to where we started. It's a two mile round trip up on that particular boardwalk and that was quite a hike for two old folks and a short legged dog.


  1. Beautiful photos! I would ♥ to take a walk on that boardwalk.

  2. Oh wow, I think I'd probably wear that boardwalk out, walking on it all the time. What a great place to go!

  3. What an inviting place to walk! It looks so beautiful. Love your pictures.

  4. You're so lucky....I would love to have such a nice board walk near my house. Sadly we just have dangerous narrow highways with crazy speed demons on them. You'd be putting your life in danger walking around my house.

  5. How wonderful that you guys got out for a good walk. Keep those photos coming. Please. I love water fowl. We had entertained the thought of a walk today around the lake, but the fog is so thick we'd lose each other .

  6. Really pretty pictures. What a beautiful place to be able to walk around and enjoy! Me? I scraped myself off to the gym in the evening. I am better for the scraping. ha!

  7. A lovely place for a walk! I need to find some nice walking spots around here.

  8. I can't believe the weather you're having. Mandy and Piper are going to the park by the bay this afternoon. Your photos are great, I can see the ducks and the heron. We can't walk anywhere without slipping on ice so I'm staying inside!

  9. It is such a gorgeous walk, I bet you love seeing how it changes throughout the year.