Monday, February 27, 2017

It Was Nice While It Lasted

 Up until about 3 pm on Saturday we had another lovely day. So lovely that I took the wool out on the deck for another go at making rolags. I was determined.

 Oh, yeah. Now I get it. Outside I could really tear into that fiber and make it do my bidding. I was being too nice.

 Look at that. Not bad. Better, right?

 And the pile kept getting bigger. This was just a drop in the bucket of what I still have to do though. A little fiber goes a very long way.

It all came to a halt when winter decided to make another appearance. It started with a thunderstorm, turned into a scary tornado warning and then it just got darn cold. Boooo. Oh, well. It is only February. The fleece will wait.


  1. YOu will have plenty more beautiful days ti play my friend.

  2. It WAS a nice head start on your wool pile! Do you get Spin Off magazine still? I thought of you for the article on page 44-How many ways to make gradient yarns? You can spin for socks with the piles of punis you are making!

  3. Beautiful pastel colors! That storm was something, huh? Our temperature dropped 20 degrees in about 30 minutes. Crazy!!

  4. By George I think you've got it!! Those are some pretty impressive punis you've got there! I saw that weather on radar heading towards you. I called my sone to give him a heads up. We got gail force wind here and then it got cold. Crazy weather.

  5. Those colors are really beautiful! Can't wait to see more work with them!

  6. Your rolags are beautiful!!! Weather crazies! Glad you are safe

  7. Beautiful colors! At least you were able to work outside for awhile. I'm jealous. :-). I'm sure you'll be able to work outside again very soon.

  8. That is an awesome photo. You really captured the stormy sky.
    I had to look up the word rolag! So I learned something!