Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pins and Needles

I am in the process of quilting the mini quilt. For some reason I forgot all about this step and went right to binding.

 It's actually a good thing I did or I would never had got it in a hoop. It would have been too small.

 I wanted to hand quilt it since my wonky machine quilting would look pretty bad on something so small.

 My stitching is not as tiny and perfect a my great grandmother's was but it'll do. When it comes to sewing, I never aim for perfection because it ain't gonna happen.

I also want to thank Elizabeth for the nice note and the sweet bookmark. Isn't that just the cutest thing? And the little sheep's not bad either.


  1. I love hand quilting, it looks more... alive.

  2. Perfection is overrated! Your stitches look wonderful. I had quilted a queen sized quilt. A few years ago. Never again!!!

  3. What nice stitching! It will look perfectly wonderful, don't sell yourself short.
    I really like the pic of the sheep-a nice model for me to try and watercolor! lol

  4. Quilting by hand is a lot of work - yours looks so nice. Cute little sheep...

  5. Who wants perfection? That's boring!
    Imperfections make it special.

  6. Oh your stitches look fantastic to me! so cute.

  7. Your stitches look pretty perfect to me!

    Awwwwwww...what a cute little lamb picture!

  8. Look at that sweet sheep! I would frame that/ Happy stitching.