Monday, October 20, 2014

Stick a Fork in It

 Before all the stuff hit the fan last week, I finished my really ugly hooked rug experiment. Thank goodness. I like the hearts and stars but the middle thing-ummm, not so much.

 This was the last corner to go and it was all over in a flash thanks to.....

 ...this new doohicky.

 That's my new handy dandy frame and I LOVE IT.

 It makes things so much easier in just about every way.

 I've got plenty of wool strips leftover so I am all fired up to do another but I need to do some homework first or else I may end up with something just as awful as my first one.

 Middle Sister gifted me this bag for my birthday and the whole kit and kaboodle fits in perfectly. Have frame will travel.

As for Daddio, he is home from the hospital and doing much better although he still has a terrible cough. The cigarettes, much to his dismay are history and he's once again wearing the dreaded patch of shame.


  1. I'm a gadget girl because the right tool makes all the difference in a project! The hooked rug turned out great! As for your Dad, I'm glad he's home; I hope kicking the habit isn't too hard for him!

  2. I like it!! The middle looks like a flower garden. It's really cheery and will brighten up any place you put it. Glad Daddio is on the mend.

  3. I think it looks great - middle things and all!
    Glad to hear Daddio is on the mend!

  4. Good to here that your Dad is out of hospital.
    I've learned a new word - 'doohicky'. :o)

  5. OH I Love it. What a finish. I liked it all along.....
    Hooray that Daddio is back home...he must be worn out!!

  6. the badge of shame... hope the patch helps him over the hump.
    love the rug. don't be so hard on yourself. It's really sweet.

  7. I really like the rug, the colors and design. Glad to hear that Dadio is back home!

  8. I'm glad Daddio is back from the hospital, but it sucks he had to go in again. Wishing you both the best. Oh and you're right that bag fits your gear perfectly!