Sunday, October 5, 2014

Staking My Claim

 Clearing out the stash room made me yearn for the days when I could actually sit in there and knit. When we got Pup we had to gate the room off so that the cats would have a refuge. Now that the cats and Pup get along, it was time to clean up the cat hair and reclaim the room as my own. Pup is clearly confused by this. She can't quite believe that there is a chair she hasn't sat on yet.

 Now that I have my knitting chair back I needed a couple of projects to keep next to it. After finding two big tubs of handspun, I had to make a rule about only using it so I started another pair of wonky mitts. Wonky mitts are great because you never mind losing them and there is usually enough leftover yarn to make a mate if need be.

 After casting on the mitts, I immediately broke the rule when I found the bag of sock yarn Daughter just gifted me. Her hubby is getting some socks. He's the only family member that has never been gifted a pair of wooly wonders.

 Back in the handspun bin I found some three ply and some lovely soft Cormo top.

I love my thrummed mittens and soon (or not so soon) I will have yet another pair.


  1. Great idea...again have your knitting chair again! I don't have need of thrilled mitts but I do make and wear thrummed wristwarmers!

  2. COOL thrummed !!!!!
    Puppy and cats all getting along....the transition is over and successful!!!

  3. Pup looks quite pleased to have a new throne!

  4. I really need a new pair of fingerless mitts and I know there's some handspun around that needs to be used. Thanks for the inspiration. Pup looks pretty happy in "her" new chair. :-)