Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Purple Reign

 I'm still working my way through all those purple ice skating costumes.

 My little sewing room is covered in purple sparkle.

 There is also a pile of yellow boot covers. I've got The Mister working on those.

Back in a corner is my forlorn Halloween runner that never got finished. Next year. Maybe.


  1. Fabric will be ahead of the game when you pull the tablerunner out next year!

  2. The show must go on.....the runner will be there next year..and it is really rather Thanksgiving ish...

  3. Wow! You guys are just sewing machines!, ha get it? I want to cover something in purple sparkles it sounds delightful. I have watched your progress here and I'm with Delighted Hands, you'll get that Halloween done, I know it!

  4. You have so many talents. Look at all those projects. I love the fabrics in the table runner.