Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Signs of the Times

 Finally there is a hint that the seasons have changed.

 The canopy is still pretty green.

As is the yard...

...but there are signs that things are starting to happen.

It's the smell that tells me that it is fall. These potato-like things that fall out of the trees are Paw Paws and they have a sickly sweet smell that fills the air and announces the arrival of cooler weather.

 Everything is sprouting mushrooms.

 They come in all shapes....

 ....and sizes.

 You know it's fall when The Mister starts sawing on the trees that were left on the ground by the two recent hurricanes and Super Storm Sandy.

He's also been out gathering palettes for stacking the wood. We made our first fire on the 5th. It's been chilly at night.

 We don't need Halloween decorations. We grow our own. Yikes. I almost ended up wearing this guy yesterday. It's a marbled orb weaver. It kind of looks like a scary clown.

 I didn't plant a single flower this year but I did find this stray impatient growing in the weeds out front. It doesn't seem to care that there are big changes ahead-but I do. 


  1. You've captured the birth pangs of Fall...the marbled orb weaver spider is beautiful! My orb weaver isn't there anymore! I miss checking her every day!

  2. Love your photos! We have a bit more color here, but some of the trees are way behind in turning.

  3. Wow, what a great Fall, nature post! I am envious of your changing seasons. I'm grateful for the change in temperature and few clouds. I was hoping for rain, but 30% chance pretty much means, it's not coming close enough to us.

    The spider is beautiful. I'm fascinated and frightened by it's colors. My Kid would totally freak out.

  4. Ohhh that's not an ITSTY BITSY spider....

    Our weather is starting to support GLORIOUS reds and yellows and orange leaves.... :)