Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rest in Pieces

For a long while I have had a stack of Halloween material calling my name. I needed a Halloween apron for the month of October.

Instead of just following the pattern, I decided to get fancy with the pockets.

The job was made simpler by the fact that I had three-count'em-three machines set up to use. I had brought Daddio's home for storage and it's nice to have every color you need ready to go.

My patchwork pockets came out....interesting.

The pockets go on first and then the rest of the apron is constructed around them.

When the top and bottom contrasting panels were on, the pockets looked....awful. They were just too big. It was a bear to rip them off. For once I had tacked them on good and tight. Oh, well...into the trash they went.

I decided to start over and just stick to what the pattern called for. I'm no designer. I'm no seamstress either. Just look at those lopsided pockets. I swear I marked them using the pattern before I pinned them on. Oh well, stuff happens. Who's going to see them anyway once I wrap it around my lumpy old body.

All this festive fun was courtesy of the Rest in Pieces fabric collection from Connecting Threads. It's last year's Halloween collection and right now some of it is on clearance for only $2.68 a yard.


  1. I love it... (barely) lopsided pockets and all!

  2. Good for you! The apron turned out just right and the pockets just add interest to the drape! It's done so you can use it and that's the best!

  3. Looks great to me! Love the fabrics. Have fun wearing it this month.

  4. ugh oh.... I just remembered ..I always wanted to learn to sew someday.....adding that to the retired list!
    LOVE your apron lady!

  5. I love your apron, it turned out great! And really I couldn't tell the pockets were lopsided! Maybe my brain is lopsided, but it looks great and now you need to stuff some candy corn in a pocket hehe.