Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Pupday!

It's someone's first birthday today.

She grew up too fast.

I don't even remember her being so little.

 She's a big girl now. She loves to have her teeth brushed....

 ...but she hates to have her hair brushed. As a result she's pretty scruffy looking most of the time.

She's always in the mood to play. She wears The Mister and me out. I've perfected my knit-walking while chasing her around the house. It's that bad. No complaints though. She's a handful-but she's worth it.


  1. Even though I am a cat person through and through, I will admit-she is very cute!

  2. and I adore seeing her . Each and every pup post is wonderful> she's beautiful. if only fireman would want another dog someday

  3. Happy, happy birthday to the little pup. She's so adorable. You could frame that last photo.

  4. Happy Birthday to Pup! I hope she got spoiled!