Friday, October 17, 2014

A Cool Finish

 I had a big finishing job patiently waiting for me all summer. Elizabeth needed her giant shawl collar sewed on.

I told myself that on the first really cold day I would do it-as soon as the soup was in the crockpot.

 There were a lot of false starts. My seaming is not the best. I gave up trying to make an invisible seam and just embraced the ridge. The way the front flaps back, you can't see it anyway.

Since that collar was so long, I didn't bind it off. The chances that I would have the right length were slim to none so I thought it would be easier to fix it this way.

It was. I only had to add a few more rows to bind off to get a perfect fit.

Fresh off a major sweater blocking disaster, I was careful with this one but it was still impossible to get it patted out flat due to it's odd shape.

 It took forever to dry and it being acrylic, I ended up putting it in the dryer to finish.

 Look at that. It fits. I'm not sure how that happened. Even the sleeves are the right length and that never happens.

I hate knitting in waist shaping but this one does it with just a band of ribbing. Brilliant. The final verdict is that this is a great sweater that looks better than in these terrible selfies. Truth be told-it was a bear to knit but I love, love, love it.
Details here.


  1. Victorious and beautiful! I'd wear it every chance I could's gorgeous and so worth every bit of work! Btw, brilliant idea to leave the band on a stitch holder...I will remember to do that myself!

  2. I love it!!! I love yarn shop yarn, but the reality is that there are some gorgeous yarns that fit the bill and are very pocket friendly. It fits beautifully, good job!

  3. what?? That's acrylic? IT looks like an amazing wool. Great finish Lady!

  4. You had me at soup while seaming. That seemed like a brilliant combination. A reward waiting for you at the end of such a tedious (at least for m) task. But whoa! That sweater turned out gorgeous! It definitely fits perfectly. It's funny, the whole time reading the post with the progressing photos, I kept thinking, "that yarn is so lovely." but really the garment is really a winner.

  5. I spied it on Ravelry last week. It looks amazing!

  6. So, so pretty. Love the colors for autumn. Well done!

  7. beautiful. you will be living in that sweater all winter. so cozy.