Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dear Figgy

 My fig tree produced only a handful of edible figs this year but I still love her.

There were lots of itty bitty figs but they never ripened. I had to seriously fight a squirrel for the few that were ripe.

 I gave them a good chop...

 ...and a good boil in some sugar and water and heated up a little jar.

 When it looked like jam, it was done.

 This little bit isn't going to last long. I'm planning on making some homemade crumpets in the morning.


  1. Hm.... I think I may need to get a fig tree!

  2. I hope it's good on your trumpets his morning! The fight spread looks scrumptious!

  3. The first photo is exquisite as is Miss Figgy.
    love your tiny harvest. enjoy