Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On the Edge

Now that I have my sewing room back, I have the space to start working on my hooked rug again. I don't have much left to do.

 The problem is that it won't fit in the quilting hoop anymore. I tried tacking it to a frame so I could get into the corner.

 In theory this should work but it kept popping off. Even when it stayed on it was awkward.

I broke a lot of tacks.

 Even though I am ridiculously broke at the moment I went and ordered a bona fide rug hooking frame-a small one as they are very expensive. This is its official ebay photo.

So is this. It's not here yet but I'm looking forward to it so I can get the monstrosity finished. I've got better plans for the next one.


  1. The rug will b e very attractive! I have a hooked rug languishing in a bin....with a ton of wool fabric. And a lap frame. And a cutter. I go all out when I get into a craft!

  2. Yes rug hooking is an expensive art form. So worthwhile. I love your little rug. Cheerful and sweet. You should make cookies with the cookie cutters you used and eat them in it's honor when it is done.