Saturday, August 1, 2009


For those of you who do not speak Ravelry the translated title is Tour de Fleece Finished Object. The socks are done and ready to wear with my shiny new black Crocs as soon as the weather turns cold and damp. That is about mid November here in Maryland so they get a rather long, well deserved rest. There never was such a tortured bit of fleece. Just to remind you how they started I am including this before shot:


  1. Are those the socks that you dyed and thought you had too much black? If those are, they turned out really nice. I don't know why but the picture with you in just the socks and crocks made me laugh. Maybe because my first thought was "Bag Lady" which fits you perfectly since you have so many bags of yarn hidden all through the house. I love all those scarves you finished, those are beautiful. Can we say Christmas present?

  2. Yes. Those are the ugly son of a guns. That is my work uniform. Goofy socks, Crocs and some god-awful dress. It helps to scare the kiddies straight.