Monday, August 3, 2009

Can You Stand Just One More?

I know I have been going on and on lately about the Phat Fiber Sampler Boxes but they really just go on forever in terms of providing endless amusement. Froggy Fibers contributed a small sample of unwashed Cheviot to my June Fluff Box that I just had too much fun washing. In contrast to my giant box of yucky poo fleece, the sample was in very nice condition.

It only took a light washing to end up with this sparkling white fiber that was a joy to comb.

I had bought this diz a while ago not really knowing what to do with it. With the help of some You Tube tutorials I managed to get a bit going through.

I turned it into little ribbons that spun up very nicely on a spindle.

It would have spun up very fine, but I need it to match the other samples for the chunky hat I am making out of the June Box. I am only about 1/100th of the way through and the July box is already here. Where does the time go? Don't worry about me beating you out of an August box. I AM sitting out the next few months or I will go crazy from all this joy.

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