Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Real Stuff

The days of dyeing with Kool Aid and Food Coloring are OVER.
I finally broke down and bought some real dye and a book that tells you how to use them.
This batt, while pretty is a little on the bland side. It was dyed with Kool Aid.

Pow! These colors pop right out and hit you in the eye. These are my new Jacquard colors used on two mini Corridale batts I carded from a 4 oz unwashed sample I bought from Natchwoolie.

Deb Menz's book was an enormous help and inspiration. Thank you Rexenne for recommending it in your fantastic You Tube tutorials.


  1. Those colors are BRIGHT! I like the first batch you made with the Kool Aid too.

  2. Fun, isn't it? I'll have to post my recent batches soon!