Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Sheep to Sock Project

I bought the giant box of raw Gulf Coast Fleece so that I would have plenty of cheap wool to torture over the long, cold winter. This first attempt at scouring, carding a batt and then dyeing it ended up a big disappointment. This fleece does not seem to like to take color. The paper towels underneath were brilliant but even after 2 dye sessions the wool still looked rather washed out. I had such great results with the same dye on the Corriedale so I am not sure what went wrong.

Although not entirely happy with the dye job, I went ahead and spindled up a bunch, plied it and them started on a plain old sock to see how it would look. Not so terrible. Not what I intended but for just another itchy old sock-it'll do.


  1. Shoot! Them paper towels stoled all you colors!

  2. They sure did. I should have photographed them too. They were gorgeous.