Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Does This Remind You Of?

As I was combing out my multicolored wool I kept thinking that I have seen this before.

Oh yeah.........

Thank you about.com for the adorable picture of those cute little trolls. I want one.


  1. I had a troll with orange hair who I made clothes for and played with constantly (about age 7-8; then I lost her. Tears & wringing of hands! Soon mom replaced her with "Kelly" a troll with bright green hair. I took her for a ride in my roller skate (trailing behind a rope leash) and she crashed in the driveway, leaving a lacerated cheek--I put some Slicker lipstick on it to make it better. See what memories you've evoked with your photos? Circa 1965! ~ Julie

  2. I remember Slicker also. That is when I had bright blue eyeshadow that had to painted on-like watercolor. Goodness.