Monday, August 24, 2009

Rescue Me

If you follow me on Twitter or read my daughter's blog, you may know that she is moving in a few weeks to an itsy bitsy apartment in New York City. No room for anything but the bare necessities . Since I have spent many an hour in vain trying to ignite the knitting bug in her, as a punishment I get custody of all the yarn and half knitted projects that she has no room for. That Noro bag that she designed is gorgeous and is definitely going to the top of my to do list.

I also am getting custody of all the handknit thing-a-ma-bobbies that I have made for her over the years. She used to be a figure skating coach and spent long hours in cold rinks so she was a sitting duck for every hat, scarf, sock or mitten that I wanted to knit but did not want to wear. There is some pretty awful stuff in this bin but I promise to take good care of it until the day she asks for it back.


  1. And I better get it all back!!! :)

  2. don't worry, NY is not that far, you can be there on a bus for 20 dollars in a little under 4 hours.

  3. It is amazing how much stuff is on this blog. It is even more amazing that IT IS MY MOM who is doing it.