Sunday, August 2, 2009

Drop Everything

I know that this is NOT a drop spindle but rather a support spindle but I just couldn't resist this post title. I am happy to say that I am making decent progress with the Russian spindle by spinning up random bits and bobs of whatever I fiber I have leftovers of. I am finding that slippery fibers work best for me at the moment as there is no such thing as fiddling with your drafting zone. It is either there or it is not. I have been trying to learn to spin from the fold so I don't have to wrestle a length of roving while so much else is going on but it is apparently harder than it looks. All this sounds a bit scary but the actual spindling is very relaxing. I like it better than drop spindling which always makes me nervous. I am not making frog's hair yet, but these are the finest and strongest singles that I have ever made.

Having said that I am not giving my little darlings up. I will just use them when I am up for a challenge.


  1. I keep wanting to try one of these. My current supported spindle is a bamboo skewer shoved through a racquetball. But it works!

    On the other hand, the Russian spindles are so much prettier. Want!

  2. Classy spindle yes, but I'm still using toilet paper tubes for bobbins! Lol.