Friday, July 31, 2009

Two Bags Full and Two Weeks Left

I just bought these two prettily packaged bags of unwashed fiber from A Fine Fleece. Just in time I might add because at the moment their Etsy shop is closed for vacation. It's always strange when I am in "going back to work" mode in August when the rest of world is closing up shop. No one wants to hear us teachers whine about being short changed in the days off department, but it does play with your psyche to be so out of sync. Walk into to Walmart and look at all the.....(it hurts me to type this)....BACK TO SCHOOL stuff everywhere. I dare you not to get the heebie jeebies. It is ingrained in all of us to dread the return to the classroom and teachers are no different. I should be home for many, many more weeks so I can play with the likes of this pretty stuff ( 4 oz each of Texel and Corriedale, I believe) and not be locked in an over air conditioned room putting up bulletin boards and writing names on little paper apples. August 17th. That is the dreaded date when I will be back to sitting in endless boring meetings without even being able to knit. Where did this summer go?


  1. I know where your summer went - doctor's offices, Hospitals, Pharmacy's and the occasional Marshall's shopping trip!

  2. Yup. With more to come. Lots more!