Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Fine Mess

I bought this filthy box of wool from a seller on ebay a while ago. I forgot to save the information that tells me what kind of wool it is. Duh.

Taking advantage of a nice day, I decided to give a bit of it a good scouring.

After 3 washings it was still pretty yucky.

After a drying in the sun and a good picking over it turned into a giant mound of snowy white fluff. I am having a good old time turning it into pretty little white batts on the new drum carder. It's spinning up into a very fine yarn but, I really have to figure out how to avoid ending up with so many little lumps. I have done some research but it is all in a foreign language to me. I need You Tube. I hope there is someone demonstrating how to clean a fleece the RIGHT way.


  1. Oh wow! You weren't lying about the mess.

  2. I wasn't kidding. I even killed a big spot of grass in the front yard washing this stuff.

  3. It looks like you opened a big bag of cotton balls, I can't wait to see what it ends up to be.