Thursday, July 30, 2009


Number Two Son telephoned me last night to chat and in the course of the conversation we got around to discussing the contents of my blog. He is a very loyal reader and I take his criticisms to heart. He described my blog as like reading a play without an ending. Lots of stuff happening but it seems I am going nowhere. True to a point, but in my defense I present the evidence that there has been a few conclusions lately.

Exhibit #1: The Surf Scarf. This summer I made 3.
Exhibit #2: The Rustic Socks. Handspun from raw wool processed by me.
Exhibits #3&4: The Palette Cardi and CPH.
Exhibit #5: The Montavilla Market Bag

One of the reasons I am not going full speed ahead at finishing things anymore is because I already have 3 of these giant plastic containers filled with assorted knitted thingamabobs:

3 drawers of hand knitted socks:

And a sea of lace shawls:

If I don't slow this knitting thing down I will soon have to go rent a storage facility. Moth proof, of course.


  1. This is going to be your house one day:

  2. Too bad I can't embed that video here. It's great.