Friday, January 5, 2018

Wake Me When It's Spring

 I'm ready for hibernation and I blame this guy. I was just joking with The Mister when I said that he seems to curse us with apocalyptic snow the years I remember to sit him on the porch at Christmas. This year I had The Mister drag him out of the far reaches of the shed and I'm already sorry.

 The bomb cyclone left us with a bit of snow but it's not the real story.

 It was a pretty sweep-able event as far as snow goes. The problem is the wind and the cold. It's been a howling tempest outside for the past 24 hours and it's so cold your eyeballs freeze.

 Someone asked about the woodpile yesterday and here it is today still in a heap. We covered it with a tarp but stacking will have to come later. It's just too dangerous out there with those trees blowing overhead.

I spent the day indoors yesterday playing with my snowflakes. I decided to change the design to make it more interesting so I'm still making snowflakes. This time in blue. Which is pretty much how I feel right now. I like winter but this is getting ridiculous.


  1. I'm with you - I don't mind the snow, but I don't like the icy temps.

    Love the new mini-quilt layout. That was a great decision.

    Stay warm and safe!

  2. Oooh pretty snowflakes. Well, yours are. The outside variety I’m pretty tired of myself. The ice on our street is about 6 inches thick and a mess to drive on. At least the main roads are better when you finally get to them. We’re heading to Nebraska on Saturday and I think it’s even colder there. Oh well. As my mom used to say “this too shall pass”. Have a great weekend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Your new quilt is so pretty! Wind still howling here and colder temps forecast for the weekend...

  4. Love your hexie snowflakes!

    Stay warm and enjoy your sewing and knitting time.

  5. It is tough to have it be frigid outside!
    I'm glad you can work inside and I really like the opposite colored block!

  6. Your snowflakes look fun! I'm sorry the weather is such crap. I know my mild weather expertise means little to you East Coasters, but I'm convinced that wind is the worst. Doesn't matter if there is snow, rain, or just leaves and debris on the ground. The worst winds make it horizontal and miserable. Stay warm and safe and ... crafty :)

  7. I love your snowflakes. We are carrying on in the cold because we have only an inch or so of snow that is a week old. Roads are dry. Its bitter but it isnt' stopping anyone from getting groceries, teeth pulled! and the like. We are lucky to have escaped the snow so far for the most part.

  8. We got a bit of snow, but dang! That wind is biting and it is blowing the icy bits. I told Steve I didn't mind my body, but the wind was killing my FACE! YIKES!

    It's a GREAT day to stay inside and work on those beautiful snowflakes.

  9. Great snowflakes! And they won't even melt.
    Stay inside with no guilt, but first hide the guy on the porch so he can't work any more of his "magic".

  10. Gosh you have all been so miserable over there in the east, but I do have to say the snow is pretty. Stay warm and safe!