Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A New Hope

I might have been sick but that didn't keep me from shopping last week. The very night the bug hit us I was up until the wee hours excited about a project.

I started The Sheep Virtues Sampler earlier last year but was working from the middle out which I found beyond boring.

It really is a monthly sampler so I had the bright idea to work my way up to the top via the borders and start with the first one, Hope, on January 1st.

Being sick derailed the progress but it did buy me time to get the supplies here. I ordered the top three patterns, Hope, Love and Peace, some more of my favorite needles and a new Q snap so it wouldn't have to share. That alas, is as far as I've gotten but I have the whole month to work on Hope so it's all good. I don't intend to finish the block this month, just work on it and then move on in February and so on and so on. I'm thinking a 2 year plan might do it. Maybe.

I also bought a bunch of really cool things for Valentine's cards but that's a tale for another day and another month.

Like most of you, we are freezing to death here in Maryland. We usually have 40 to 50 degree temps with a day or two of 30's here and there. We've been in the 20's and low teens for a week now and it is wearing me out. I don't know how you guys up north do it all winter. One thing that does help is good knitwear. Look at these sweet handspun mitts I got from Cindy at Delighted Hands. I pulled my sleeves up so you could see them but the length of them is perfect with a coat. No added bulk but plenty of protection from those horrid temps. They really are a design marvel and if I ever get caught up with my projects I might have to give these a try. They are Tough and Toasty by Martina Behm and I can assure you, they really are! Thanks again Cindy!


  1. Congrats on winning the mitts and just in time, eh?

    Little House projects are so pretty. Enjoy January --- Hope is a perfect word for the first of the year.

  2. I think that is my favorite sampler that you’ve EVER shown us. Of course, I am a sucker for anything with sheep on it. Fantastic mitts too. What a great gift, especially appropriate for this winter. I’m so very ready for spring.

  3. Beautiful mitts, such an interesting pattern. And those sheep are so cute...I bet you can complete Hope this month. We may get more snow tonight/tomorrow!

  4. Sheep are so cute! I almost always start at left top corner, love to see the picture to slowly develop. Mitts look really warm.

  5. The mitts are so lovely!! The color is divine. YOU Deserve them. My gingerbread man soap is still making me happy several times a day. THanks again. .Your stitching makes me happy .

  6. Those mitts are fantastic and a great color as well! I love a pop of color for those accessory pieces.

    Your sampler is a beauty. I am weak for sheep. I love how you work monthly projects through the year(s). You get to do a craft you love, but keep it fresh by moving from design to design. It's a rather brilliant project strategy in my mind. :)

  7. I'm glad you are enjoying the mitts!
    The new sampler (and the 2 yr plan) is brilliant. It will keep you from getting bored!

  8. What a beautiful sampler! You are definitely an inspiration as well. I need to get back to stitching!

  9. I'm glad to see you did not lose your shopping mojo when you were ill. Love those mitts, so glad you have had a chance to wear them. Stay warm.