Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Yays and the Nays

 The Mister and I got into a bit of a tiff yesterday. He thought it would be a good idea to gallivant all over creation in blustery 9 degree temps. I thought not.

I won. Isn't that why we retired early? Who wants to go out in weather like this unless you have to and we don't have to. Instead we stayed put and I did an inventory of all things being knit. My giant mosaic blanket is now back in rotation. Pup and I spent the chilly but sunny afternoon working on it. Then we had a nap.

Tracery is back out again too. I will finish it this winter. I will. It won't fit but I'll finish it just the same.

 The big red shawl is this big now. It is slow going but it will be worth it next winter. I am more of a shawl person than a sweater person once the heat comes on.

 The Pimpeliesse is at the mid point. It's all downhill from here.

 I've got some socks on the needles. Some I like.

 Some I don't. These have been a real slog. I've been working on these forever. It's Hawthorne and I like the texture but not the dreary color. Therein lies the problem me thinks.

I am also not feeling the sweater I started last fall. It seemed like a good idea at the time but those autumn  colors are just not doing it for me now. I think I will pack it away until next September and go looking for something else to do. That sounds like trouble. Maybe I should just finish up some of these UFOs first. Right?


  1. Oh my goodness you have a lot on the needles! I like the color you chose for your Pimpeliesse shawl. I love that pattern and have made many of them. As for the Hawthorne socks, I think that’s a nice color and I’m sure one my husband would choose. He’s always drawn to the green tones. I’m glad you stayed in and stayed warm today. It sounds absolutely horrendous out there on the East Coast.
    Blessings, Bethany

  2. I think being retired and snowed in sounds lovely!
    That mosaic blanket is magnificent. It will be a family heirloom someday.
    I don't like knitting things when the color doesn't delight me. That's one reason I'm hesitant to knit for others!

  3. That first sock yarn is truly gorgeous! I wear a shawl around the house more than I thought I would. It's easier to throw on and off as needed.

  4. The colorful sock IS fun, but that green is pretty too.

  5. I say, knit what makes you happy! Even if it's something new!

  6. I LOVE your blanket - amazing! All your projects are fun. I don't think I could have so many different projects going though...I would never finish anything - LOL

  7. Love that Tracery! I have a bookmark on the page of the pattern...someday, maybe? Nice projects, loved seeing them.

  8. Of course you should stay in, why go out a freeze if you do't have to? I love the knitting. I am just working on one project right now because I can't seem to find my knitting mojo.

  9. I love to dig through the UFO pile-
    You have a lovely selection to work through.

  10. I love seeing all your projects! That sweater will bring you joy later in the year when the seasons start to change and wind brings some summer relief.

    I am glad you have some socks on the needles that are making you happy too. Do you think you need to save those Hawthorne's for the right weather? It's good to know the texture is good. I have been curious about the yarn.