Sunday, January 21, 2018

Nevertheless, They Persisted

No. I am ashamed to say I didn't dust off my pink hat and attend the Women's March this year as I did last year. The spirit was willing- but the flesh was not. I am still running on empty but chugging along all the same. In fact, I made a nice pile of trash yesterday.

 I saw a YouTube video that sold me on this card making technique that looked so easy.

 This new die cuts pretty heart shapes.

 You get a frame and pieces that you can glue back in for an inlay effect.

 It wasn't as easy as I thought and my first tries ended up as that pile of trash but nevertheless I persisted and got three done. Now I am waiting on more Valentine's paper because I am out.

 I also persisted with that darn mini quilt. Yesterday I ripped it all out and started over. Simple is better.

The Mister also persisted yesterday on his back wall. That thing was driving him crazy. The studs were all bent but taking them out meant taking out the wall in the hallway. Nope. Not doing that. He shaved and chiseled and added new boards and now-we have a wall. Not a billion dollar wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for- but a wall all the same. Let the tiling begin.


  1. Love it all. Those cards are really cute and it was fun to see a little bit of how a die works. The quilt turned out well too as did the wall. Persistence pays off! Me, on the other hand, did absolutely nothing all day long.

  2. Now that is progress on a lot of fronts!
    The cards are so sweet! The mini quilt is just right!

  3. Well done! Several of my friends make their own cards and it's such a treat to receive one. Oooh, your mini snowflakes are adorable.

  4. I like your wall way better too. LOL're getting there. Can't wait to see the tiling.