Sunday, February 28, 2010

On the Podium

Even though I have denied for weeks being a part of any Olympic knitalong, much to my surprise, I managed to pull off a hat trick. Thanks to being stuck in the car the good part of yesterday waiting for carpet to be installed, I finished my moose hat knock off.

My effort is not however, worthy of a medal because A: it is too small B: those dark blue floats are really yucky and C: I'm not even going to mention the puckering in all the long float areas. My first mistake was to use fingering weight yarn as the whole thing turned out very light and flimsy, not at all like the ski hats the USA Team wears. My second issue was not making sure the stitches were stretched far enough apart up in moose land. I have never done a fair isle with such large areas before and now I know you have to continually push those stitches on the right hand needle apart to get the knitted fabric to lie flat. I am planning to cast on the next one tonight during the closing ceremonies-if I am not blubbering too hard to knit.

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